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13 Aug

Trogir Destination – Split and its surroundings

Just north of Split, there is another Dalmatian UNESCO-listed town – Trogir.
This town was founded by Greek colonists from the Island of Vis in the 3rd century BC. Its current name is actually a modern variant of historical Tragurium. The town is situated on an island between Čiovo and Central Dalmatian coast, in the Bay of Kaštela, and is connected to the mainland by a stone bridge. Trogir is known as one of the best-preserved Romanesque-Gothic towns in Central Europe.
Trogir is certainly not lacking architectural distinctiveness, and one the finest examples is Radovan’s Portal, a unique monumental work of the great medieval architect Master Radovan. He signed his name on the main portal where he is celebrated as “the best of all in this art“. The magnificent portal of Cathedral of St. Lawrence was done in the 13th century, and is famous for its sculptures.
The old town core was formed between the 13th and 15th century inside defense walls that were restored by Venice in the 15th century. Venetians built two additional forts: Castle Kamerlengo and the Tower of Saint Marc.
The narrow stone streets reflect the rich history of the city and tell stories from centuries long ago, wonderfully illustrated by interesting art collections that include notable masterpieces. Due to an abundance of cultural-historical heritage, as well as natural beauty, Trogir is extremely popular among tourists.