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13 Aug

Destination – Split and its surroundings

A monumental palace turned into a city – this is how we can summarize the essence of Split, the most important urban center of middle (central) Dalmatian coast. Split is the largest city in Dalmatia and second largest city in Croatia.
Due to unique and magnificent architecture of Diocletian’s Palace and the entire historical center, Split was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. The city center is a true ”history keeper”. Elements of ancient Roman Empire as well as Middle Ages are seen in the structure of historical buildings and the city square. Walking around the central area of Split will take you back to the past. With each step you open the door to centuries long gone and get to know the architecture history: the ancient Peristyle Square, medieval Romanesque Church of Saint Martin, Gothic palace, Renaissance and Baroque facades of the noblemen’s houses…
Other interesting sites in Split are: the Temple of Jupiter – a place where Croatian kings were baptized, Cathedral of St. Duje (named for the patron saint of Split) and monastery of Saint Anthony near Poljud Stadium.
In addition to the notable examples of historical architecture, Split is famous for its aliveness. Numerous socio-cultural happenings like film and music festivals, sports events, rich nightlife, shops, fruit and vegetable markets, restaurants and coffee shops make this city exceptionally dynamic and alluring. It is worth to highlight Ultra Europe Festival, popular music event held in Split. Every year, the festival is attended by up to 100 thousand young people from more than hundred countries around the globe.

If you want, you can create your own sightseeing map here: Do it yourself sightseeing map of Split