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Quadruple rooms and a six bed room are rented exclusively per bed at the standard price.
We offer a transportation from the airport or station to the hotel. Please note that this option includes giving a prior notice and a fee.
We also offer to meet you at the public parking lot at the top of Plinarska Street (see How to find us) or at an easily accessible and well-known location – the Croatian National Theatre in Split at the bottom of Plinarska Street. Please note that it is necessary to confirm this option during the booking. For more details, check how to reach us? on this web page.

Prices, inquiries, reservation
Find out the terms of renting rooms / beds , additional transportation options and book an accommodation in Dvor hostel by phone +385 91 538 3620 or e-mail
Payment options include all major credit cards (Diners, Maestro, Visa) and cash payment.

You may cancel your booking 5 days before the arrival. In the event that you fail to cancel your booking inside the permitted timeframe specified above, you will be charged an amount not exceeding the charge for one night’s stay.